FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $35.00 or more Does not apply to sale items

FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $35.00 or more Does not apply to sale items FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $35.00 or more Does not apply to sale items

What our customers have said has helped their psoriasis

Thank you!!!


My name is John and wanted to send an enormous thank you to whoever created this product. My daughter elena, now 18, has been dealing with significant skin picking on the tips of her fingers. We've tried everything to heal her fingers and most recently attempted Phycological assistance. Honestly I had given up. By chance , just a few months ago we were introduced to Salt Soothers from our sister in law who had tried the product and thought Elena would benefit from it. well I am happy to say that this product pulled of a miracle and is healing Elena's fingers. The difference now vs just 2 months ago is unbelievable. She is now painting her nails. She has avoided any attention. The Minardi family absolutely is indebted to your good work. Please stay around for 80+ years so Elena can buy this product for the rest of her life :) Thanks again. You can use the note for any purpose and can reach out if you have any questions.

love, Love, LOVE the salt scrub!


I was first introduced to Salt Soothers salt scrub at a local "Bodacious Bazaar" a couple years ago. I have extremely dry skin in the winter and this is the best product I have found that helps, and the softening effects last for a day or two. I usually use it in the shower, but also when I take a soaking bath.

Hooked in Tucson


Add me to the list of returning, satisfied customers! My sisters and I went to a craft fair in Bella Vista, AR and after sampling the Dead Sea Salt body scrub, we were convinced of the benefits and we each ordered a jar. I live in Tucson, Arizona where the climate is extremely dry so the salts are a great way to keep my skin moisturized.

Love it


I purchased the Boyfriend scrub this weekend at apple festival, I love the feel and smell of product. Only issue I have is I don't like that there is no ingredient list, I like to know what I'm putting on my skin. Other then that the product is amazing

My old faithful


I have been using Salt Soothers for the last year or so and I have to tell you that when my husband got sick I could not afford to buy anything extra. My employees ordered it for me because they saw how bad my legs were getting. I just liked you on Facebook and shared it on my site because I want my friends to know how wonderful this is. Thank you so much. Maralyn

Great for eczema


My first time ever using this product. I tried the Dead Sea salt bath scrub @ The Atlanta Womens Expo. It made my arm so smooth and soft. I did itch at all after using. I have only used it for five days and can tell a difference. I bought my scrub with lavender in it. Great for relaxing and great aromatherapy. If you have eczema please try it and let me know what you think. Happy customer .

Love this product


I bought this product at the Conway Affairs of the Heart. I have the Butt Naked fragrance and can't imagine going with any other fragrance. I love it.

Mrs. Debbie Kaczor


OMG got some of this in the peppermint at River Fest in Eden North Carolina I am hooked! Need to find out where they will be going so I can get more! So soothing and the smell is wonderful it said don't use on face but I used it all over amazing!

Amazing product


I absolutely LOVE this product. I bought some at the Fair in ND. I used it after a very long day working the Fair. I felt refreshed and revived after using this. I began visiting with Bill the beginning of Fair, then I was fortunate to meet Andrea. Thank You both for sharing your story about your business, and how it all started. Loved meeting your daughter as well. Continue on with your products.......LOVE LOVE LOVE them, and look forward to buying more!!!!!

Great Product!


I got this with the Lavender and it is amazing. It leaves my skin smooth and it smells wonderful. I will definitely be buying more of this in the very near future. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

still love this


I have been using this for quite a while now. Every time I almost run out, I can't get my legs to heal up. This stuff works magic. I have to order more because it helps so much. I have diabetes and I think it makes me have more problems with my legs so this is very helpful for that and bumps I had on my arms. I am glad this is out there.

Joe made my day


Hello! I was at the Parker Days festival in Parker, CO and wanted you to know that I had a wonderful experience with Joe. He was helpful, courteous and just really nice. PLUS I love my new sea salt scrub with lemongrass scent. Just wanted you to know what a pleasant experience I had - thank you!

Amazing Products! Lake Orion, MI


After yoga, my town had a outdoor fair going on, Lake Orion, MI thought I take a stroll and look at the merchants. I stopped by this booth thought to myself another vendor trying to sell snake oil. Well everyone, the product is AMAZING!! I LOVED it the first time I used it! I really don't have skin issues; this past summer i noticed some little bumps on my arms nothing worth going to the doctor but with ONE shower using this product they were gone. I thought to myself..nah..then I used it again and again and my skin was even better then before...I even got boyfriend at the time hooked...he was like "Hey, where's the blue bottle!" lol!! Just wanted to pass my experience on with the product. Just ordered some more today! Can't wait until the products arrive!

My hands' salvation


I work in healthcare, and due to the constant hand washing, my poor hands crack and bleed every winter, and are dry and rough the rest of the year round. I found salt soothers at the Wisconsin state fair this past summer. I use the scrub every 3-4 days, and my hands are buttery soft and remain in great shape. I use the pacific salts as a body scrub before I shave, and get the closest shave I have ever had in my life. I love this company's products so much I bought some for all the women in my family this year for Christmas.

awesome stuff..


I went to the Taste of Colorado this year (2014) with my housemate who bought a bottle of this stuff.I thought it was another snake oil scheme so i didn't purchase any. about 3 weeks ago as the winter cold starts to set in my winter rashes (eczema) started to break out. I pinched some some his bottle and applied to rashes and lord and be works .. so I call salt Soothers and talked to Mr. Bill. I got online and ordered 2 jars of this stuff . Its awesome and it works.I give an associate a couple of spoon full to use on psoriasis that he has on his face and after a couple of tries his psoriasis is healing and he wants know where to get this stuff. It's an awesome product and it works. only thing is the price drop after I order my 2 jars.....

All I want for Christmas


I just placed an order for multiple Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub's to use as Christmas presents. I stumbled across a Salt Soothers booth this summer when I was in a small Colorado mountain town. I have enjoyed using the scrub to soften up my feet, legs, and hands, and I wanted to share it with my loved ones. Thanks for making a quality product that can be used for everyone on my hard-to-buy for list (even my 20 year old son loves scrubbing his dry skin away).

Miracle working scrub


I have exzema really bad on my legs and arms and when I wore shorts or capris, people would make comments. I used this and everybody could not believe the difference in my legs and my arms. It kept me so soft and healed up the exzema. I slowed down on using it because I was running out and I could not believe how bad my legs got so fast. One of my employees starting using it and now there are others that have wrote down the website and they want to order it also. I put it on Facebook and several friends questioned me about it so they could check into it. I love this stuff and so does my husband. He told me to keep ordering it because it helps me so much. I am so grateful that I found this. Wonderful.

This Stuff is AWESOME


I bought this at the Suffolk Peanut Festival and the smells are what caught me first, then of course the scrub to my hands felt great, but then I used it on my body and wow really smooth, then I applied it to the back of my thighs and now they are so smooth no more small bumps. I too use it on the inner thighs and it is slowly smoothing the appearance too. This is a great product I will be buying more. Thanks

Soooooooooo SOFT!


I suffer from psoriasis, or eczema, or whatever the heck causes cracked knuckles, super dry itchy patches.....well, within a week one knuckle (deeply cracked, mind you) is closed up and healing, and the other one is healing. I tried this stuff at the Cider Festival in Lakewood, Colorado, bought some scrub and I immediately ordered the Magic Oil and some sea salts for soaking my achy feet. I wish I could explain how awesome my skin looks and feels......even my cuticles and fingernails look healthier! My Colorado skin is glowing again.....and I am addicted to Love Spell! Fantastic scent! Try will not be disappointed!

Salt Scrubs


I love emails from our customers.... This is one I would like to share

We just had our Wisconsin State fair & I purchased the large peppermint eucalyptus body scrub & I LOVE IT! The scrub was the only product they had & only had 3 fragrances...which brings me to the reason of the email, I have allergies to fragrances & would like to know if u send small samples just to see if I could tolerate the fragrance. I would love to buy the bath salts but am unsure I can tolerate. Would also like to try the oils, again, not sure if I could tolerate. Is the product distributed here in WI? If not do u do small samples? I am interested in cucumber melon, green tea, lemon grass, paradise, & after glow? What is the difference btw bath & spa, are they interchangeable? 

We have really long drying winters & would like to try the oils too. Do u ship to WI? 

Sorry about the long email, jyst excited about the product...Truth, tried it at the fair, walked away & had to go right back :)

Blue Lagoon Salt Soothers


Bought this at the 2014 Taste of Colorado; Salt Soothers Blue Lagoon. This product is EXCELLENT! I used it a couple of days on my elbows (dry area), and the dry spots have completely gone away. The smell lingers on in the bathroom (wonderful). I will be back to purchase more. Thanks so much!

Wonderful Product!


I recently purchased the Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub. I got the Blue Lagoon Scent, but I had the opportunity of smelling all the scents, which are all great! This product is amazing! I love using it on my hands! It leaves them feeling so soft! My favorite thing about this product is the fact that the salt melts when it hits water, so it is very easy to wash it off. I have used several other scrubs in the past, and they have all been so difficult to wash off, well not this product! It leaves your hands with an oil feel that is quickly absorbed by your skin, but the softness remains! I highly recommend this product to anyone, especially someone with dry skin. It leaves you feeling exfoliated and refreshed! This s such a great product!



I picked up this item at the Sams Club in Edmond today where a very nice lady helped me with a sample.They had several different fragrances that smelled wonderful, and it made my hands feel really smooth. She also mentioned that as good as it makes your hands feel, it makes your feet feel even better. So I picked up the butt naked scent to give it a go. When we got home, my husband rubbed my feet with it as she had instructed. It only took a little bit, so I can tell that this will last for a long time. When he was done rubbing my feet, he rinsed them off and my feet felt better than they have felt in a long time. It was hands down better than any pedicure I have ever gotten. We got right online to look up what all we can get on the web site, and to pick out what we will be getting different family members as gifts. I cant wait to get more scents, and other products, to see if I love them as much as I love this. I give it two thumbs up, and all my toes!



I purchased the bath salts at the Canton Flea Market, in hope that it would help with my psorasis and it did help, I love the product, it smells good and makes the skin feel soft and smooth. Thanks for bringing your product to MS.

Tulsa State Fair*****


I recently purchased the spa salts and also the salt body scrub at the Tulsa State Fair. I'm officially in love with your products. I will be purchasing more as soon as the current products run out. The smells are amazing and not the typical scents you find in body scrub. Thanks so much for such a great product. My 5 hour fair trip was worth the find!;p


LOVE these products!


I purchased Love Spell last year at The Tulsa State Fair and I definitely do not regret it - my skin is so soft after each use and the scent is amazing! Will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Thank you so much Salt Soothers!

Love using in our Spa!


We use the fragrance "Love Spell", we enjoy the way it makes the water in the spa smells and our skin feels Smooth and soft when we get out. Will continue to use.



I bought the Boyfriend scent and used some that same night. It paired so nicely with the other bath products I used, and I could really tell a difference between this, and the bath salts I normally buy from the grocery store. The scent is so unique and calming and my skin was so soft after I got out. The Boyfriend is green but it did not stain my skin or my bath tub. I can't wait until my next bath and to try out your other products! Thank you!



These bath salts are AMAZING! I use them almost everyday and sometimes twice a day! Love the SPA feeling I get in my own bath tub at home, love, love, love the LOVE SPELL scent! I have tried several of the other scents but always go back to LOVE SPELL! Love the bulk discount too which I always take advantage of! Thanks!

Love 'The Boyfriend' scent


I was a vendor at the ND State Fair. I began visiting with Bill and he told me the story of how 'The Boyfriend' was actually named...Love it!!!! So happy to support a family owned business. Your products are amazing, and I totally enjoyed these after a long day working at the Fair. Thank you for blessing us with such fantastic and soothing bath salts. I bought 3 different scents and love all 3!!!!

salt soothers


These bath salts are by far the best I have ever used !! The scents are wonderful and leave your skin so soft. Living in a very dry climate the are a life saver. No more itchy skin. I travel far just to visit with these wonderful folks and get my bath salt fix, when not in the area I can always get great service from their website. top notch product and company !!!

AMAZING Products!


I recently had the privilege of purchasing the Pacific Sea Spa Salt. I got the Blue Lagoon scent and the Peppermint Eucalyptus. The Blue Lagoon scent is great for relaxation. The scent plus the fact that it turns your water slightly blue, makes it feel like you are actually on the beach. As for the Peppermint Eucalyptus, it has been a complete lifesaver for me. I suffer from migraines and tension headaches on nearly a daily basis. I have tried many different medications, and at one point, was even prescribed narcotic pain relievers because the pain was so intense, which still did not help. I took ONE bath with the Peppermint Eucalyptus Pacific Sea Spa Salt, and I could instantly tell a difference in my headaches. I was able to get rid of my headache with NO MEDICATION thanks to this product! I will continue to purchase these products!... And best of all, this product does not leave your bathtub oily or dirty after you use it! I highly recommend these products!